22 Grocery Items You Can Freeze - Number 5 Surprised us!

22 Grocery Items You Can Freeze - Number 5 Surprised us!

Don’t let food go to waste, store it in the freezer instead! While not everything can be frozen, there are so many grocery items you can freeze that will come out of the freezer just as good as the day they went in. Stock up on freezer bags and ice cube trays, keep an eye out for bargains that freeze well at the supermarket and start filling up that freezer!

1. Cheese Cheese freezes extremely well. Grate the cheese and place in a zip lock bag to freeze. Add a little cornflour and shake before freezing to stop the cheese clumping together, which will help if you will be taking only a little of the frozen cheese out of the bag at a time.

2. Grapes Not only do grapes freeze well due to their high water content, but frozen grapes also taste great. Buy grapes at their cheapest in summer and freeze ready for the winter months when grapes are harder to find. grapes

3. Rice To freeze rice, just cook as normal and let cool. Then portion into zip lock bags, flatten inside the bag and lay flat the freezer. This is great for those nights you need dinner in a hurry, and is perfect for brown rice which can ordinarily take a while to cook.

4. Pasta Next time you are making pasta, cook extra and freeze for another day. Just let cool and portion into freezer bags. Perfect for serving with a quick sauce or adding to soups.

5. Potato chips and crackers Freezing chips and crackers is a great way to keep them fresh, and they can then be eaten straight from the freezer. potato chips

6. Milk If you have more milk than you know what to do with, it can be frozen in the bottle it comes in. When you are ready to use the milk, just let it defrost then give it a good shake before using, as the milk will separate on thawing.

7. Tomato paste Don’t let that big jar of tomato paste go mouldy in the fridge. Freeze your leftover tomato paste in ice cube trays then put into a zip lock bag once frozen. Measure the tomato paste and put approximately 1 tablespoon into each ice cube compartment, and you can just grab as many as you need at a time from the freezer. tomato paste

8. Juice Fruit juice freezes extremely well due to its high water content. If you are freezing in the bottle be sure to take out a little before freezing to allow room for the juice to expand as it freezes.

9. Bread Do you find your family only uses half a loaf of bread before the rest starts to go stale? Freeze loaves of bread as soon as you get home from the supermarket and pull out individual slices and defrost as needed. Other bakery items such as bread rolls, loaf cakes, cookies and muffins also freeze well.

10. BBQ Those hot BBQ rotisserie chickens you get from the deli department of your local supermarket are great for freezing. Take all of the meat off the bone, then divide up into portions and freeze in freezer bags.

11. Lemon and lime juice If you only need half a lemon or lime and don’t know what to do with the other half, try freezing it. First squeeze out the juice, then pour into ice cube trays to freeze. Store in a zip lock bag once frozen for perfect juice portion sizes. The same can be done with oranges.

12. Fresh herbs Fresh herbs can be very expensive so you don’t want to waste any extras that you don’t need. Chop up the herbs and divide between ice cube trays, then cover with olive oil and freeze. To use, just add the frozen cubes as you are cooking and let them defrost. Perfect for soups and pasta sauces. fresh herbs

13. Bananas Don’t throw out your bananas just because they are turning a little black. Chop then up and freeze in zip lock bags to be used for cakes and smoothies. You can even freeze bananas in their skins, then pop in the microwave, chop off the top of the banana and squeeze the insides out of the skin.

14. Ginger If you don’t need a whole piece of ginger, pop the rest in the freezer. You can then grate as much ginger as you need while it is still frozen. Just peel the ginger before freezing so that it is to grate.

15. Yoghurt Yoghurt can be frozen and defrosted again to eat as is, or frozen in ice block mould as a frozen treat for the kids.

16. Nuts Nuts are cheaper bought in big bags rather than smaller packets, so buy in bulk and put whatever you won’t be eating right now into the freezer, which will keep the nuts nice and fresh. nuts

17. Stock Store you leftover chicken or beef stock in the freezer, either in a zip lock bag or ice cube trays, depending on the portion sizes you are most likely to use. 18. Onions Chop up onions in bulk and freeze in a zip lock bag. Then, just take out a handful of chopped onions as needed and cook as usual.

19. Eggs Just whisk the egg whites and yolks together and freeze in ice cube trays, transferring to a zip lock bag and freezing for up to 6 months. Approximately 3 tablespoons of frozen egg is the equivalent of 1 whole egg.

20. Peanut butter Peanut butter freezes well due to the high fat content. Freeze in ice cube trays and transfer to a clip lock bag once frozen. Other nut butters can also be frozen in this way.

21. Wine Do you have leftover wine after cooking? Since wine can be expensive and lose its flavour pretty quickly in the fridge, just freeze it for a later date. When you need it again, let it thaw out then freeze as usual. wine

22. Butter Butter freezes very well! Next time it is on sale, stock up and keep it in the freezer. Pull it out of the freezer when you need it, let it defrost and use as usual.

Do you have any other foods to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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