Save Money With Our Top 10 Picks From Aldi!

Save Money With Our Top 10 Picks From Aldi!

Aldi is the perfect money saving alternative to the major supermarkets. With Aldi expanding in the very near future including stores opening in Adelaide and Perth, its a great time to discover just how much money Aldi can shave from your weekly grocery bill.

We have done the research for you, and listed our top 10 buys from Aldi that are guaranteed to save you money.

1. Farmdale Fresh Thickened Cream

A 600ml container of this fridge staple usually retails for at least $2.20 for generic brands, and $4.18 for brand names from the major supermarkets. At Aldi, its only $1.99 which is a significant saving even compared to the generic brands, let alone the brand names.

2. Mamia Supafit Nappies

Nappies add up quickly in cost no matter which brand you buy, but some are much cheaper than others. Aldis Mamia brand offers a great saving on other supermarket brands, with toddler sized nappies coming in at only 22c per nappy.

3. Remano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple in most kitchens, so its makes sense to buy it in bulk. While other supermarkets charge up to $26 for a 4 litre container of extra virgin olive oil, the Aldi version comes in at only $19.99.

4. Lodge Farm Free Range Eggs

Eggs are a key ingredient in so many recipes, and its something that most of us buy. Free range eggs can vary hugely in price, but Aldis are by far the cheapest. Other supermarkets start at around $4.60 for a 700g dozen carton, but the Logan Farm brand are only $4.39.

5. Chicken Mince

Meat can make up among the biggest section of your grocery budget depending on the cuts you buy. While mince is one of the most economical meats you can buy, the prices still vary depending on where you purchase it from. If chicken mince is something you use often, you can save money by buying it from Aldi rather than the other major supermarkets, coming in at $8.98kg as Aldi, and at least $11.80kg elsewhere.

6. Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are great to keep in the freezer for those times you dont have much fresh produce in the house. Stock up on frozen vegetables at Aldi, for example frozen corn kernels are only $2.49 for a kg bag, while other supermarkets offer the same product starting at $2.70 per kg for generic brands, and $5.50 per kg for brand names.

7. Wraps

Wraps from the bakery department can be a little pricey from most supermarkets, but Aldi sell Bakers Life White Wraps in an 8 pack for only $1.99. A similar product elsewhere would start at $3.00 for generic brands, and $4.99 for brand names.

8. Bakers Life Bakehouse Bread

Another great buy from the bakery department would have to be the Baker Life Bakehouse Bread range, in varieties like mixed grain, wholemeal, soy linseed, white and traditional light rye. These retail at only $2.49 per loaf, while elsewhere a similar loaf of the same size is at least $3.50

9. Goldenvale breakfast cereals

Most of us tend to eat the same sort of thing everyday for breakfast, so its worth shopping around when it comes to breakfast cereals. The Goldenvale range is significantly cheaper than name brand alternatives. Take their Honey Nut Cornflakes for example, a 750g box costs $4.49 at Aldi, or $0.60 per 100g, while Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes are $8.24 for a 670g box, or $1.23 per 100g. That makes Aldis price more than 50% off alternative brands. Which is a huge saving if its something you eat regularly. Similar savings can also be made on other Goldenvale varieties.

10. Remano Passata

Passata is a staple in many tomato based sauces, and its one of those products where all brands tend to taste much the same, after all its just pureed tomatoes. A 700ml bottle from Aldi sells for $1.59, whereas the same sized bottle from other supermarkets starts at $1.70 for generic brands and ranges up to $3.84 for some brand names


So there you have it our top 10 buys that are sure to save you money. Do you have any other Aldi items to add to the list? 

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