Date Night Picnic At Home

Date Night Picnic At Home


I came up with this date night when our baby sitter cancelled on us half and hour before she was meant to show up, yep we were both ready I even had makeup on and my hair down instead of the normal mum pony tail. To say we were disappointed was an understatement and we even found ourselves getting worked up a bit, the I came up with a plan, the whole idea of date night was for us to spend some quality time together. I told hubby to get the kids ready for bed while I whipped up to the shops.


I purchased  some cheese, dip, crackers, some warm finger foods and a  bottle of wine. When I got home the kids where put in bed and I grabbed our picnic basket out of the cupboard and filled it with the yummy things I had bought. We set up a blanket outside and some candles and poured some wine and ate finger food.


It’s fantastic because there’s no TV and it’s a no phone zone either. We just got to sit and chat about anything and everything, share useless facts with each, laugh and just enjoy the moment. It was very romantic as the stars came out.


I really recommend doing this one night with your partner, it is a great idea for mums with  babies as you can take the baby monitor with you outside and you are not to far away if you do need to breast feed.


We have also put a rug on the trampoline before which is really fun!


Have you had a romantic date night at home before?

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