Date Night Without Leaving The House!

Date Night Without Leaving The House!


Date nights don’t always have to be about organising a baby sitter and saving your pennies for a night out. Whilst it’s lovely to get all dolled up and extremely enjoyable to have a night out, the reality at times is that we simply don’t have the time or the money to do this on a regular basis. So why not have date night at home and theme it!


Think about this, your favourite cuisine and basing the whole evening around it? Food, movies, you, hubby – you could even improvise and go as far as clothing as well for a bit of a laugh!


We had Saturday date night at home a couple weeks back and we both had a craving for Chinese. We decided to put dinner off for us until the little ones were fed, bathed and in bed for the night.


While I ordered Chinese takeaway, hubby got a couple Bruce Lee movies ready – ‘Enter the Dragon’ & ‘The Big Boss’. I got the chopsticks, bowls, glasses, napkins and set up some cushions on the floor of the lounge room in front of the coffee table and we were all set for our Chinese themed date night. We even have chop stick fights and mimic the movies English dubbing.


If you didn’t want to order take away you could pop in the oven some of the entertainer packs with some spring rolls, money bags etc or prepare some fried rice or what every your favourite dishes are and have them ready for when the kids are in bed.


We’ve also themed date night around Italian. I made some fettuccini carbonara, garlic bread and salad. We had some chocolate gelato for dessert and watch the God Father! The sky’s the limit with what you can theme it as. What about Mexican or a decade such as 1940’s? What about kids party themes – cupcakes or fairy bread? Don’t let your imagination limit you.


It’s often the simple, impromptu things that often turn out to be the most fun and enjoyable. Most of all you get to spend some quality time with the one you love the most and it’s inexpensive.


Have you tried themed date night? If so tell us what your theme was. If you haven’t tried it out would you give it a go?


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