The 7 Tips I used To Change My Hands And Nails From Drab To Fab!

The 7 Tips I used To Change My Hands And Nails From Drab To Fab!

How many of you Mumma’s have dry hands and chipped nails? Well I reckon I’ve got the most horrible hands they’re hairy, dry, wrinkly...well they just look like man hands serious.  My nails are just completely uneven. Let’s face it, I was never going to be a hand model that’s for sure. I must confess that I didn’t look after them consistently enough. I washed dishes with no gloves (Big No NO!).


I got quite annoyed after having my kids with the state of my hands, my skin was really dry and started to split and hurt. So I changed a few things and since then, they love me and I love them.

Here are a few tips that have helped me:

1.     I Apply hand cream frequently, especially after washing my hands and I always make sure I apply hand cream to my cuticles which helps prevent cracking and peeling. I make sure I use a sunscreen based cream during the day so it helps prevent sun damage. I keep a tube in my handbag and at the kitchen sink so that I remind myself to use it.

2.     Wearing glove helps protect the nails and cuticles. I use them when I do the dishes, gardening and anything do with water. Soaps and water weaken the nails and detergents dry the skin, despite their advertising.

3.     I stopped using soaps that are antibacterial as it has a chemical called triclosan which dries the skin. I buy milky hand washes, and am trying out some natural antibacterial soaps with tea tree or eucalyptus. (I haven’t quite got the recipe right, when I do I will share it with you).

4.     I coat the outside of my nails with polish, this will help protect the nail and prevent breaking and splitting, at least while the manicure lasts.

5.     Clean all nail instruments and change nail files often. Bacteria and other microbes can get transferred by the nail tools you use, causing infection. If you get manicures at a salon ensure they use clean and sterilized files and instruments. You’d be surprised how many don’t clean their instruments properly eewww yuk!

6.     I stopped using my fingernails as tools to pry things open, come on how many of us do this? Yes they’re handy little things but they weaken, chip and ruin the nail and they look horrid when they break. 

7.     Don’t overuse any kind of nail polish remover. Use a minimal amount on the nail and avoid getting too much on the cuticle and skin. 

It seems like a bit of a routine but really it isn't, if you keep the hand creams where you will be reminded to use them it will be a lot easier.

Do you have any other tips that you use to keep your nails healthy? share with us if you do!


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