Light up the Night!

We were fortunate enough to be at the mountains for "Light up the night" at Scenic World where Katoomba Falls is lit up.

So much fun for the kids with a disco skyway, a silent nightclub and kids carnival rides including teacups.  We went for a walk to the base of the waterfall along well lit boardwalks. 

 There is still time to visit "Light Up the Night" as it goes until the 30th April.   

The following day we woke early to head to Scenic World again as we were eager to see what we could see in the daylight. 

The excitement in the kids was amazing - they stepped onto the front carriage of the world's steepest railway and they wanted the incline to be on the "cliffhanger" setting - so of course my heart leapt a beat but we reclined the seat and enjoyed the ride up and down.

The walk at the bottom of the railway was amazing as we walked through tropical rainforrests and saw the old coal mine and the original scenic railway.

We also enjoyed the skyline in the daytime - where we overlooked the Jamison Valley and enjoyed views of the three sisters and the waterfall that we had seen during the night. It looked so different during the day,

The kids were fascinated by the glass bottom when they could look straight down on the valley. They did this twice as they enjoyed this so much. They could have kept riding all day.

The children were ages 5, 8, 10 and 17 and they all enjoyed the experience in different ways which was perfect for a spread of ages. 

Exhausted after a big day of walking and riding we enjoyed a big bowl of hot chips from the caffeteria before our drive back to Sydney.

Visit for more information and how to book your tickets. 



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