Celebrating Midwives With Medela!


I met my Mid wife when I was 30 weeks pregnant, I actually had intended on hiring a midwife earlier but every time I mentioned to someone that I wanted a mid wife I was looked at as if I was going to have a backyard birth.

As it was my first pregnancy I didn't really know which way to go, I knew I wanted a calm as possible birth, natural and if possible at home. To some this may be scary especially for a first time mum, but it's how I had always envisioned my pregnancies. So at 30 weeks I finally bit the bullet and decided not to let outside influences affect my decision, my husband I agreed that we would meet with one and see how things went.

My first appointment with my mid wife, was actually beautiful she did all the things that I would normally get done in a hospital visit, but she took time, she placed her hand on my belly smiling as if I was bringing one of her own family members into the world, I automatically felt at ease with her. She explained the whole process in a kind and gentle manner and I couldn't help but feel connected to her after one visit, besides feeling like I connected with her I also felt really secure that she knew what she was doing.

Not only did she help with the planning and birth but she was also there after the birth to help me with breast feeding and adjusting to being a new mum. Using a mid wife might not be for everyone but I am glad that I followed my gut and used one.

Medela recently showcased the survey they conducted with 7,800 Australian mothers to better understand how midwives supported them on their motherhood journey. You also would have seen the interview they conducted with a few mums in this clip, to show how everyone’s experience is different.


 Medela is not only a leading global producer of technologically advanced breast pumps and vacuum technology. They also conduct a lot of research and provide education to the community and breastfeeding mums. Medela have been reaching out to the community through various exciting innovative programs assisting breastfeeding mums. Medela are excited to extend their support of mums through their new mobile app MyMedela, their free blog site and education for mums and health professionals.


Medela have also been kind enough to offer a $100 Medela voucher to their store www.medelastore.com.au To enter In 25 words or less let us know how did a midwife support you during those first few days of motherhood?” Please email your entry to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Competition closes 10th August, 2017. 




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