A special Miracle Baby

A special Miracle Baby

My husband and I were due to have our son Byron on the 2nd of February 2013. Just after Christmas in 2012 I went for my 30 week check up and was rushed to hospital straight away as my blood pressure was high and I had way to much protein in my urine sample, upon arrival at Rockingham hospital W.A  I was transferred to King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth CBD about an hour and a half from where we were living. My husband is Navy so we both lived somewhere with no family support as they were on the other side of Australia. 

They then discovered that I had severe preeclampsia and that  Byron was shunting blood through his brain and he had actually stopped growing 2 weeks prior, they told me I had to go in for an emergency c section straight away as the preeclampsia will stop once he is out. 

Byron was born and I briefly saw him then off he scooted in NICU and myself upstairs, I remember the conversation with my husband going into the C section, I said to him " no matter what, never leave his side " lucky for me my mum got a red eye flight and was there to support me.

I went up to my room and kept begging to go see my baby, they told me that once I could feel my legs again I could go down and see him. 

My last set of Obs where done before I could go down and see Byron and next minute it turned into an emergency and I was rushed to ICU, my blood pressure had sky rocketed and they were worried that I was going to go into cardiac arrest. My husband Don was caught in between 2 worlds, he had a son in NICU and a wife in ICU. Lucky for him everyone in NICU was extremely welcoming and helpful and my husband put up his hand because I was in ICU and did the skin to skin ( as seen in one of the photos ) because I wasn't there to. He knew all of everything that was going on and all the NICU staff made sure he felt comfortable and calm and knew what was going on every second of his time there.

Byron was gorgeous, he was just small, he held his own temperature and he was breathing fine. He weighed in at 1kg then dropped a bit of weight. 

After 3 days I finally got to go to NICU and meet my gorgeous little boy, he was perfect.  We had problems with Byrons weight for about 8 weeks, he was tube fed for 7 weeks and I remember every night at midnight going to weigh him and finding out he had lost 10grams and just breaking down because it took 4 days for him to put on that 10grams, then I also remember celebrating when he had put on 20grams. It was such an emotional rollercoaster, I made some life long friends including staff throughout our time there. 

Byron is now 4 he is still a little fella for his age but he is strong, he is strong at heart and in his mind. 

He has the best sense of humour and everyone falls in love with him.

Yes he still has ups and downs and still gets hit pretty hard when it comes to viruses a bit more then the bigger kids do.

But nothing puts him down, ever. 



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Thank you to Melissa for this personal story. 

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