Balinese Spice Paste - Great For Chicken!


I recently visited Bali and while I was there I took a few cooking classes, the food is amazing and I wanted to learn how to make it for myself. I have used this recipe over and over since being home and find it great for stuffing the skin of chicken, in curries and I have even used it in rissoles and patties. The best part is you can  make it in advance and then freeze it in ice cube trays and freeze. I used 2 cubes of the curry per 500 grams of chicken. I love that you can experiment and add this paste to a lot of different recipes. You can get most of the ingredients from a green grocer or asian / indian food store.



350gr shallots peeled and sliced

190gm fresh garlis

75 grams Kencur washed and sliced.

90 grams Galangal

25 grams Candlenuts crushed or raw pea nuts.

30 grams Palm sugar, chopped

100 mills Coconut or vegtable oil

3 stalks Lemon grass, bruised

4 Salam leaves or fresh kaffir lime leaves

375 mills water

1 tablespoon salt



Combine all ingredients except for leaves , lemon grass, water and oil into a food processor or stont morter and grind until smooth.

Place all ingredients into a presure cooker, Bring ingredients to a simmer.

Pressure cook on gauge pressure bar 1 /15 psi for 30 minutes, start timiing when full pressure is reached.

Let cool for 20 minutes.

Cool in fridge over night.

Spread into ice cube trays and add to freezer.

Store in air tight bag.

Use as you like, lasts approx 3 minths in freezer.


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