How To Poach A Perfect Egg In The Microwave!

How To Poach A Perfect Egg In The Microwave!

We go through nearly a dozen eggs a week for breakfast alone, we love our poached eggs on toast and this is how i make them for my family, it is no fail every time, eggs are runny and delicious. This is based on a 1100 watt microwave you may have to cook less or more depending on our microwave watts.


·      1 Egg

·      250 mills water

·      30 mills white vinegar



1.     Add water and vinegar to microwave safe bowl.

2.     Crack egg in the middle of bowl.

3.     Pop in microwave on high for 1 minute

4.     Remove egg with a flipper and pop on toast, cut the middle and watch the yellow goodness ooze out yum!

5.     Remember if you leave the egg in the bowl with hot water it will keep cooking and make sure you use new water and vinegar for each egg.

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