No Rice Fried Rice

No Rice Fried Rice

My hubby not long ago started a low carb diet and has been doing really well on it, 15 kilos lost to date. Hubby mentioned that he was craving fried rice and asked if i could make something that tastes similar. I had seen a few cauliflower rice recipes going around and knew the general gist of how to make one so I decided to experiment with a few different flavours. It turned out great and had a real fried rice taste to it. it is very filling and also nice cold the next day, give it a go!


·       1 large head of cauliflower diced really fine, you want a mixture of sizes some from the size of a rice grain up to approx 1 cm in size, this helps with the texture and prevents the cauliflower from going to mush.

·       200 grams diced bacon

·       2 eggs

·       2 stalks shallots diced

·       Half a red capsicum

·       sliced thinly

·       1 cup mixed corn and peas

·       1 onion diced fine

·       1/2 cup diced mushrooms

·       1 tablespoon sesame oil

·       2 tablespoons soy sauce

·       1 tablespoon fish sauce

·       1/2 teaspoon Turmeric

·       1 clove garlic minced.

·       good pinch salt and pepper



1.     Heat a wok on high and add the bacon, turmeric, onion and garlic and cook until onion is almost translucent.. remove into a bowl on the side.

2.     Add the sesame oil and the cauliflower to the wok and keep turning to 3/4 cooked , you don't want it soggy just the crunchiness cooked off.

3.     Add all other ingredients and keep turning.

4.     Add the bacon mix and stir through.

5.     Cook the eggs in the microwave for one minute and then dice fine and stir through.

6.     Add the fish sauce and soy sauce and stir through.

7.     Pop onto a serving tray and top with more shallots.

Serves 4

You don't have to add turmeric, but we do as its quite good for you and gives a nice golden colour.

Why not experiment with your own flavours.

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