5 Awesome Christmas gifts that you can order online!


Looking for unique and perfect presents for your loved ones this Christmas? Then look no further, we have put together 5 awesome gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

First up is Slackers NinjaLine 30' Intro Kit

NinjaLine 30' Intro Kit with 7 Hanging Obstacles. Train like a Ninja with the 30' slackers Ninjaline with 7 hanging obstacles. This versatile backyard outdoor hanging obstacle course kit allows the obstacles to be moved further apart as your skills improve.

How cute is this Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse?

Starry Point Lighthouse is a lodge in the Seaside Area and the lighthouse really lights up and the top turns, just like the light of a real lighthouse. The set also includes slides and beautifully designed furniture such as a seashell sofa and a whale-shaped table.

Ravensburger Bugs in the Kitchen will create hours of fun!

Bugs in the Kitchen - Catch 'em if you can There's a pesky little bug in the kitchen! And it's not just any bug - it's an original HEXBUG nano, scuttling around the game board! Quick - can you catch it in the trap? Get the bug first and you win; leave it loose and go buggy in this fast-action game of extermination!

Thames & Kosmos Chemistry C500 perfect for the little scientist in your house.

Learn about reactions between solids, liquids, and gases. Discover the colorful effects of acids and bases. Perform astonishing "magic" tricks for your friends. Make fizzy and foamy reactions.

Buddy Balls White Unicorn is so cute and perfect for a baby or toddler.

Buddy Balls are the super soft 16" cuddly animals that magically transform into soft colourful balls. Unzip the back to reveal a secret compartment, perfect for storing toys or pyjamas. Flip and tuck the animal into the compartment and zip him up to create a bright soft ball perfect for little hands to catch and throw.

For more amazing gifts be sure to check out www.crayons.com.au and enter your ABC code to receive a 10% discount!



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8 Tips For A Better Night Sleep


Let's face it as mums it can be quite rare to get a good night sleep, I mean a really good night sleep where you hit the pillow, doze off into dreamland and don't wake up until your alarm goes off.


Depending on how old your children are you may have different sleep patterns, if you have a baby you are most likely still waking a few times a night, if you have school aged kids you are probably getting a bit more sleep, unless you are staying up and doing their homework for them, which is a whole other blog. No matter what stage you are at there are still ways to improve and ensure that you get a restful night sleep.

At the beginning of the year I was burnt out, yep this was before school even started. I really assessed a lot of areas in my life and sleep was one that I knew needed improving, I was constantly tired irritable and low on energy. I did some research and started to change a few things when it came to sleeping and this is what I found helped.

Remove any technology, electronics or TV from the room. I know this is hard I love nothing better than curling up in bed when the kids are asleep and binge watching the housewives of Beverly Hills. But this actually got me into a routine of not going to sleep before midnight, even though I had climbed into bed at 8pm. Since we have removed TV from the bedroom not only have I been getting to sleep earlier but my husband and I have also connected more as a couple. The same goes for mobile phones, if you use it for your alarm clock place it outside of your door so you won't be tempted to pick it up if you go to the bathroom during the night or before you sleep. I have also set my phone to silent, and it is amazing not only how much I get done during the day but how much more sleep I get at night.

Reduce caffeine intake, now from someone who has 3 coffees before 10am this can be hard but the truth is it does keep you awake, after all isn't that why we drink it? Experts suggest that you drink your last cup before 2pm to ensure you aren't kept up at night. Caffeine can also dehydrate you which will have you drinking more water and up to the bathroom more frequently at night as well. So swap the coffee after 2pm for herbal tea.

Avoid alcohol as a sleep aid, we have all heard the old wise tales of take a nip of Baileys or a glass of red wine to make you sleep better, but it's been proven that drinking before bed can actually make you wake up more during the night and also feel foggier the following morning.

Exercise but if you are someone who gets energised after exercise then consider doing it no later than 4 hours before you plan on sleeping. This way you are sure not to feel wide awake after a night gym work out.

Keep pets off the bed, yep sorry fluffy but no more sleeping with us. If you have a cat like ours that feels that they can sleep on your head and push their claws into your neck then it doesn't make for a good night sleep. Give them plenty of cuddles before bed and then pop them to sleep somewhere else.

Limit your water intake before bed so you are not getting up to go to the toilet at night, and try not to overeat or eat heavy foods that sit in your stomach as you are more likely to feel uncomfortable in bed and change positions frequently.

Access your bed, pillows and linen.  We use a high thread count for our sheets and to me it really makes a difference in comfort, we also have good feather pillows that are good for our necks and not long ago we got introduced to Protect-A-Bed the Number 1 producer of mattress protectors worldwide. Protect-A-Mattress protects your mattress from moderate spills and stains, dust mites, mould and bacteria, which is great because I suffer from bad allergies. What’s great is they include “Miracle Layer”, so the mattress protector is soft and comfortable yet waterproof and breathable.

Since using our Protect-A-Bed mattress protector we have had better night's sleep. The Signature Tencel Mattress Protectors are made from odourless wood-based fibres, which means it stays cool in Summer and warm in Winter. It’s also ideal for people with sensitive skin, rhinitis, or eczema, and we have them on all the beds in our house and as they are great quality we know they are a good investment, especially since they are washer and dryer friendly. Our main reason for switching out our old Mattress protector to this one was because my allergies were keeping me up at night especially once seasons changed. Since we put the Protect-A-Bed® Miracle Layer™ on our bed this has been limited dramatically. The TENCEL Signature Series is also approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program and Red Nose (Sids and Kids) as well as the Eczema Association as Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested.

You can buy all these products at https://protectabed.com.au/collections/all 

And my last tip is try to relax before bed, I know life can be stressful especially as mums we often have a lot on our plate. A pre bed ritual like a bath, meditation, reading a book or just sitting and relaxing will make for a better night sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping try these tips and let us know how you go!





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Shop for Christmas without leaving your home, with Australian Baby Card's 2017 Christmas gift guide!


How quick has this year gone? Can you believe there are only 10 weeks left to Christmas? Don't worry though Australian Baby Card has put together a list of their favourite products that make the perfect Christmas gifts, and the best part is you can do all your festive shopping from the comfort of your own home!

First of all how cool are these Design out loud Cardboard speakers from Haggus and stookles? Perfect for a tween or even teen who loves art and music. Design and create and then plug in and listen to your favourite play list, awesome!

Enter your Australian Baby card and receive 10% off store wide (excluding postage). Type ABCBaby in the coupon code to receive this discount.



Next we have found the cutest gift for a young (or old) budding artist. How cool are these Monster Rocks from CleverPatch? The kit comes with  all components required to create and decorate approximately 40 Monster Rocks. This is also a great pre Christmas craft idea that  kids could make and give to grandparents, friends and family. The rocks would make super cute paper weights and mementos. You can purchase the kit here!

Don't forget to use your Australian Baby Card to receive 10% discount off your next order. Quote the code ABC and the last four digits of your barcode when ordering.

Next up we have a practical gift that everyone in the family needs, the Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch Bag. This is not just any lunch bag though, it has surround cooling that lasts 8 hours, which means ANY food for the day such as dairy, fish (sushi!), meat, etc will be kept cool and fresh. Which also means the food is more likely to be eaten instead of coming home!. You can find out more and purchase here! The bag is ideal for any stage from babies starting solids right up to school-aged children and should last years.

Use your Australian Baby Card and receive  A FREE bag tag with EVERY Fridge-to-go LunchBag (Small or Medium) purchased online. You will need to use the code 'ABCFreeTag'to qualify.

This Kids Vintage white kitchen from Wooden Wonderland will have children entertained for hours, with it's realistic looking features, removable easy to clean sink and doors that open and close it really does look like a mini kitchen. Wooden Wonderland also has lots of other wooden toys for all ages, visit their store here!

And don't forget to use your Australian Baby Card offer and receive 10% off website wide, excluding shipping. Enter discount code AUBABYCARD on checkout.



 We all know how fun having a remote control car can be, but what if you could actually make one yourself? That is exactly what you can do with this kit from Magformers not only are they a lot of fun but they also teach Mathematical principles that may otherwise be difficult to understand, even by older students, and because they are so much fun to play with they are easily grasped by children, simply by experimenting with the pieces, and putting different combinations of geometric shapes together, in 2D or 3D patterns. There are lots of different kits to choose from and you can check them out here!

Another great gift from  Magformers is this creators set, it has everything young ones need to make shapes, build animals, flowers, towers and much more. Use the included play cards to lay ideas flat and then roll, pull-up, transform, fold combine and wall to create exciting 3D ideas!

Use your Australian Baby card and receive 10% discount - enter code ABC and the last four digits of your Australian Baby Card barcode to receive the discount.



 Looking for stocking fillers, kids Kris Kringle gifts or something affordable but still a lot of fun, then these games from Crayons are perfect. Starting from just $3.95 they are supper affordable and sure to be used and loved by kids young and old. There are lots of different games, toys and products to choose from and you can see them here!

And dont forget to use your Australian Baby Card to receive 10% discount off all stock. Quote ABC and the last four digits of your barcode at checkout to receive this discount.

Love this Rainbow Wooden toy from Wooden Wonderland Imagine this beautiful block set in your play room or nursery! Consisting of 6 curved blocks, each a different colour, this block set perfectly fits together to create one brilliantly bright rainbow. What makes this set so unique is the infinite number of ways in which it can be used - create a rainbow, use the pieces as a cradle for dolls, turn it into a tunnel or bridge for toy vehicles, perhaps create a tower or even a fence around the play room, or just build unique and one of a kind structures over and over again!

This rainbow will be rediscovered over and over again as your child grows from their baby and toddler years right through to school age. What a fantastic Christmas present for any age child. You can purchase it here!

And don't forget to use your Australian Baby Card offer and receive 10% off website wide, excluding shipping. Enter discount code AUBABYCARD on checkout.

Looking for a fun gift for a little one? Then this award winning toy the Baby Driver from Toy Room is it.  Young ones can channel their inner driver with a horn that squeaks, gear stick that moves and a wheel that turns and rattles, the large suction cap also makes the toy secure when placed on a flat surface. Lots of fun and a perfect Christmas present that will sure keep kids entertained for hours. You can purchase the Baby driver here!




Over the next week we will be adding more of our favourite products, be sure to check back and see what we have found!











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Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas With Haggus and Stookles!


This year I am doing most of my Christmas shopping online and I have found the perfect store for unique and great quality gifts for little ones Haggus and Stookles. They have a huge range of products and they also take Australian Baby Card, which is a great saving this time of year.

We have put together a great list of products that are useful, worth their money and that parents love. Click on the images below to read more about the products or to place an order.

Starting with My Little One Natural Infant Skin Care from Natralus. This range is designed specifically to help care for babies, toddlers and children's delicate skin and all ingredients are organic. They contain no nasty products and are paediatrician approved. These would make a great Christmas gift done up in a basket for an expecting mum, or parents of little ones in general.













Next up is Brolly Sheets, these take the Hassel out of bed wetting. They are a waterproof sheet and mattress protector. I love that they sit on the top of your fitted sheet and not under the sheet as this saves a lot of time with changing sheets. They are also great for travelling and generally make life with bed wetting a whole lot easier!



























Theses Zum Ride on Toys and Balance bikes are a brand new product of active toys from leading USA brand ZUM. They help promote motor skills, coordination, balance and confidence in your children. Fun while learning that's what we love!

Do you have family or friends who love camping or being outdoors, then the Sunsational Brand Sunscreen and Insect Repellent, would make a perfect gift. Australian made, safe for the whole family to use, a practical gift that is sure to be well received over the school holidays.

































How cute is this Design your own Birds house? This is a perfect gift for a child who loves art and also animals. 




















This Design your own headphones set would be great for a tween, they come with bright colour paints, stencils and your own set of head phones to deck out as you please!





















We always head to the beach on the Christmas holidays and these DriPouch Lite Water Resistant Smart Phone Pouches are genius! This would make a great gift for a teen or adult with a phone, the case is water resistant, splash proof, sand proof and dust proof. the clear front allows you to still use your phone and chat as you normally would. great for taking photos out on the water without risking damaging your phone.




















Check out Haggus and Stookles for a range of other great Christmas gift ideas and dont forget you can use your Australian Baby Card to receive a discount as you will save 10%!

Dont have an Australian Baby Card? Thats ok sign up here.



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11 Perfect Kris Kringle Gifts For Under $50!


It's no secret that Christmas is the most expensive time of the year, which is why Kris Kringles are such a great idea.

In our family we buy for any nieces and nephews under the age of 18 and then the rest of the family does a Kris Kringle up to the value of $50. It's a great way to save money and it is also fun when everyone gets together and guesses who purchased their gift.

You don't have to head to the two dollar shop just because you are on a budget, you can actually get some really lovely gifts if you know where to look.

Below are 11 gifts that are sure to cater for all tastes, click on the photos to purchase:

For the pet lover, this Heavy Duty Pet Bed is perfect and is a steal at $39.95

 For the gym junkie this Future Bottle and Banana Leaf Carry Cover is sure to be put to good use, it's also on sale for $28.95, awesome value!



For the adventurer this Ultimate Pen Knife will come in handy on camping and exploring trips and it comes in well under budget at only $29.95.


For the entertainer, this 4 Piece Cheese Knife Set will come in handy its almost half price on sale to for $26.95.


For The Collector you can't go past these Royal Albert Vintage Spoons Set 4 priced at $49.95.

For the Fashionista this Diamond Portable Beauty Make Up Case is sure to be put to good use and a great buy at $44.95.



For the Gardner, these Oval Flower Print Potting Gloves will be put to good use and only $39.95.

For the executive this A5 Navy Leather Journal comes with custom initials to really make an impression and priced at $44.95 it makes a perfect gift!


For the beach goer this Farrah Cotton Velour Beach Towel will be well received, great quality and only $44.95.


For the technology minded this  Dryz iPad Protector is perfect for keeping ipads and tablets dry outdoors and comes in way under budget at $14.95.

For the gamer this Classic Chinese Checkers Set will be put to good use and only $39.95.

Our top tip for buying great Kris Kringle presents is knowing what the receivers interests are and looking for quality items on sale that fit into that category. But most of all have fun and remember to stick to the budget!












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Top foods to boost kids' brain power!



It’s no secret that growing kids need lots of love and attention. But it’s not just their bodies that are growing and developing at a rapid rate, their brain is too.

That’s why it is so important to keep children active, healthy and engaged in learning. It’s not just about a balanced diet to keep their bodies healthy and growing, certain foods are good for their brain’s development too.

“Similar to the body, the brain absorbs nutrients from food which assist in development,” says Dr Ryan Harvey of House Call Doctor. “The childhood years are a critical time for brain development, focus and cognitive skills.”

There are certain foods which can offer great support for little minds and boosting brain power:


  1. Salmon

    “Fatty fish like salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids,” says Dr Harvey. “These are essential for brain growth and function.”

    Try sneaking salmon into salads, sandwiches, sushi or just pan fried.

  2. Egg

    “Eggs are a great snack packed full of protein and choline,” says Dr Harvey. “This is a nutrient which helps with memory development.”

    So keep those boiled egg and Vegemite soldiers coming! Eggs are a great snack to have on their own or on a wholemeal sandwich.

  3. Berries

    Not just a pretty colour, berries can help improve memory and are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

    “Strawberries, cherries, blueberries and blackberries are a great source of fuel for kids brains,” says Dr Harvey. The richer the colour the more nutrition lays within.

    Add them to a smoothie, eat them on their own or blend them with greek yoghurt to make your own frozen yoghurt ice blocks. 

  4. Oats

    A winter breakfast favourite in most households, oats provide an excellent source of energy. “Oats are a great source of fibre, vitamin E, B and zinc,” says Dr Harvey. “They are a great food to help the brain function optimally throughout the day,” says Dr Harvey.

  5. Peanut butter

    Peanut butter is a childhood favourite of many and it turns out peanuts are actually packed with vitamins E and thiamin. “Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect nerve membranes,” says Dr Harvey.

    So not only is it a delicious snack that most kids won’t put up a fuss about eating, it is beneficial to brain development too. Either on a sandwich or as a dip for fruit and vegetables, the more the better.

  6. Vegetables

    Colourful vegetables are an excellent source of antioxidants which help keep brain cells healthy. Particularly tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and spinach are full of antioxidants.

    “Fresh vegetables are not only a great source of nutrients for brain health but a regular intake is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing of adults and children alike,” says Dr Harvey.

  7. Dairy

    Yoghurt, milk and cheese are go-to snacks for many kids. Luckily they are just as good for you as they taste.

    “Dairy products are full of B vitamins, vitamin D, proteins and carbohydrates which are essential for brain tissue, neurotransmitters and enzymes,” says Dr Harvey.

  8. Lean Beef

    Lean beef is a rich source of iron which is essential for energy production, helping kids focus during the day.

    “Beef is also a great source of zinc, which aids in memory,” says Dr Harvey.


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Simple tips to keep your kids healthy and active!


 Exercise is a fundamental activity for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. For kids, these activities should be enjoyable and and incorporated every day in a way that does not make it feel like a chore.

“Regular exercise has a myriad of health benefits for a young and developing body,” says Dr Tony Tanious of House Call Doctor.

“These include maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level, strengthening muscles, developing new skills, honing coordination and even bonding with others through team sports.”

While most little adventurers relish at the thought of running, bike riding and playing with friends, there are some simple tips to help keep your kids healthy and active.


  1. Make it a habit

    “It only takes 30 days to make a habit,” says Dr Tanious. “Set your family a goal for exercise and healthy and try it out for 30 days. You will find it soon becomes second nature.”

    This could be anything from going for an afternoon walk together every day, ensuring you eat nutritious meals for dinner each night or getting the recommended hours of sleep per night for 30 days.

    Small changes to your diet and daily routine can have a tremendous impact on yours and your children overall wellbeing.

  2. Try team sports

    Team sports are an excellent way to get little bodies moving and to foster relationship and personal skills.

    “Team sports are highly beneficial for young children,” says Dr Tanious. “Not only do they provide an outlet for activity, they encourage friendships, personal development and teamwork.”

    This doesn't have to be limited to team sports like netball, football or basketball. If your kids aren’t particularly interested in these, they could participate in swim classes, dancing or gymnastics. While they aren’t directly team related they still encourage social interaction and keeps them on their feet.

  3. Ditch the tech

    While it may seem impossible to ditch technology in today’s world encouraging kids to get outside rather than play on their phones or laptops can help keep them active and healthy.

    “Limiting your child’s access to smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices before bedtime will assist with a good nights sleep and may encourage them to be more active during the day,” says Dr Tanious.

    “Electronic devices disrupt the bodies melatonin levels, which is the hormone responsible for the natural sleep and wake cycle.”

    Instead of playing on devices before bed try reading books to wind down for the evening. During the day try to keep them busy outdoors as much as possible.

    “Simple things like teaching your children to grow their own vegetables or encouraging them to help out in the garden will keep them active,” says Dr Tanious. “Spending time outdoors will also increase your child’s vitamin D levels, assisting with energy, mood and overall wellbeing.”

    Remember to practice sun safety when spending time outdoors and keep hydrated.

  4. Get the whole family involved

    Kill two birds with one stone by including exercise in quality family time. “Making exercise enjoyable for kids is one of the best ways to foster a life-long positive relationship with working out,” says Dr Tanious.

    Working out can be fun for the whole family! Family fitness can be as simple or complex as you like. To keep it simple try a nice bike ride on the weekend, swimming, a mountain climb or just a walk around the neighbourhood.

  5. Make nutritious foods fun

    It’s not uncommon for kids to turn their noses up and vegetables but they don’t have to be boring or bland. “Making nutritious foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, fun can make encouraging healthy eating easier,” says Dr Tanious.


        Here are some tips to make nutritious foods fun:

  • Make faces and shapes from food

  • Make it bright and colourful

  • Use fun names for the vegetables and dishes

  • Encourage your kids to help in the kitchen

  • Try growing your own food


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4 foods to help boost your child’s immune system!


With winter now in full swing protecting your kids immune system is integral to helping them avoiding the cold and flu season.

Typically our immune system does a wonderful job of defending our bodies against disease. Every day we come in contact with many potential illnesses through human interaction, holding hand rails and even food. Our immune system is on call 24/7 to safeguard us against these dangers.

“The immune system is made up of the tonsils, thymus, lymph nodes and vessels, bone marrow and the spleen,” says Dr Ryan Harvey of House Call Doctor.

“It is comprised of antibodies, white blood cells and other chemicals and proteins which attack pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.”

While we may not often pause to think about how we can help our immune system out, ensuring it is functioning to its full potential is vital. Luckily, there are some easy and natural ways to help give your immune system a boost.

If your little one has come down with the sniffles a few times already this year it might be time to look at their diet and the role food plays in supporting their immune system.


  1. Green Leafy Vegetables

    “In order to maintain a healthy and functioning immune system fresh food, such as fruit and vegetables, are key,” says Dr Harvey.

    Green leafy vegetables in particular are rich in nutrients that help boost the immune system. “Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of iron,” says Dr Harvey. “This helps with the production of white blood cells and antibodies which fuel your immune system.”

    When it comes to getting kids to eat green leafy vegetables it’s often easier said than done. Try sneaking them into delicious smoothies.

  2. Fresh fruit

    “Maintaining a diet rich in vitamins is important to overall health and immune function,” says Dr Harvey. “This includes lots of colourful fruits which are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and water.”

    The added bonus is that most kids enjoy the taste of fruits, making it easy include more in their diet.

    The best fruits for immune health are:


  • Kiwifruit - high in vitamin C and vitamin E

  • Blueberries - high in vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants

  • Papaya - high in beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A when eaten

  • Strawberries - high in vitamin A and vitamin C

  • Oranges - high in vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre

  1. Garlic

    Garlic has been hailed since the dawn of time as a miracle working food. “Garlic contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties,” says Dr Harvey. “These help stimulate the immune system and increase the production of antibodies.”

    Raw garlic is most beneficial for health as heat and water can activate sulphur enzymes which diminish antibiotic affect. However, adding garlic to the kids favourite pasta dish may still offer some benefits.

  2. Probiotics

    “Foods rich in ‘good’ bacteria, such as yoghurt, can help strengthen the immune system,” says Dr Harvey. “They also help the body digest nutrients in other foods.”

    It’s not yet fully understood how probiotics affect the immune system but studies have identified a connection between the immune system and gut bacteria.

    If you have a fussy eater on your hands there are some other tips Dr Harvey suggest to help give their immune system an extra boost:

  3. Get adequate sleep

  4. Exercise regularly

  5. Teach them to was their hands thoroughly


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Health benefits of having a childhood pet!


If you’ve been considering adding a four-legged friend to the family, or are just looking for an excuse to love your pet a even more, it turns out they have a positive affect on children's health.

While stress is something that affects most adults at some point in their lives, what is largely unknown is that stress can also affect children.

“Stress is often a result of what we should be doing, versus what we are actually doing,” says Dr Ryan Harvey of House Call Doctor. “Therefore, it can affect anyone at any time - including kids.”

It may be confronting to hear that your child could possibly be stressed throughout the day, but there is some good news. Engaging with their furry friend can help.

A recent study found that children who pet their cats and dogs when stressed have lower cortisol levels.

“Cortisol is a hormone produced in response to a stressful situation or event,” says Dr Harvey. “The lower the cortisol levels, the less stressed individuals are.”

Just one pat of the neighbours dog won’t do, the study found that the levels of cortisol varied greatly depending on how much the child engaged with the animal. The more they played and petted their cat or dog, the less stressed they were.

“Understanding how stress functions early in life is crucial to preventing stress in adulthood,” says Dr Harvey. “The way we learn to deal with stress in childhood has lifelong consequences on our emotional health and wellbeing.”

If that’s not enough to earn your pet some extra dinner, or to convince you adding to the family is a good idea, the power of pets extends further. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, birds, mice or lizards there are a number of health benefits to owning a pet:


1. Increased cardiovascular health

Owning a pet can have an immense impact on your cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. This can be beneficial for the whole family.

Scheduling regular walking times of your dog can also help keep the family fit and active which is essential to overall well-being.


2. Boosts your mood

If you feel happiest around your pet this doesn’t necessarily make you a ‘crazy cat lady’. Science has proved that regular contact with animals boosts your mood.

Being with and regularly exercising pets increases serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. These are the happy, loving and calming hormones which circulate our body. Higher levels of these can increase our general mental health.


3. Strengthens the immune system for children

It may seem odd but research has shown that children who grow up with dogs are 33% less likely to develop related allergies. Overall they found children exposed to animals at a young age have stronger immune systems.


4. Encourages responsibility

Owning a pet is a big deal. It’s not all cuddles and wet kisses, there is a lot of work that goes into looking after another life.

“Owning a pet provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop a sense of responsibility early in life,” says Dr Harvey. From changing kitty litter to bathing, brushing and feeding, there is a lot to be done.

Encouraging children to look after their pets can help teach responsibility and empathy for another living being.


5. Great caregivers

Somehow our pets just know when we are feeling under the weather. Being curled up on the couch surrounded by a wall of snotty tissues is made infinitely better when there is a furry friend there with you.



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I Miss My Husband!

I Miss My Husband!


“I miss you.”

I say these words to my husband far too often these days. Sure, the man gets home from work around 6 every day, watches TV with me for an hour or so most evenings, and sleeps beside me every night, but it’s not enough. Since having our son 18 months ago, our marriage has changed – in good ways, but also in challenging ways – and our quality time has suffered.

There is one other time in our marriage when this has been a problem – and it was right at the very beginning. We didn’t live together until after we were married, and within weeks of saying “I do” I realised that we were going days without connecting properly. Now that we were finally living together, we were both working on the assumption that we would just see each other all the time at home – which, in theory, freed us up to make lots of individual plans with friends and commitments to other people. But we quickly learnt that living together is not enough, and despite the fact that we were seeing each other regularly, we were not focusing enough on connecting regularly. It was our first lesson on marriage, and luckily we caught it quickly enough to change our habits before we did any damage.

Now with a little human in the Donovan family fold, we’ve fallen into the trap of taking each other for granted again. Don’t get me wrong – we’re fine, we’re happy, we’re very much in love – but still, we miss each other. That connection we’ve enjoyed so easily for over eight years now is a little harder to catch thanks to six o’ clock dinners, bedtime routines, teething, tantrums and toys all over the floor. When we flop down on the couch at the end of the day, it’s not often to spend quality time together – it’s to recover!

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you miss your husband as much as I miss mine? Here are some simple ways that may help you to reconnect.

Really talk

I can go days of building up things that I want to open up about with my husband, but never feel like there’s time to do it. I blame Netflix. Open conversation is so important in marriage though, and shouldn’t be reserved as something that happens once every few days. Go beyond the usual “How was your day?” small talk and delve deeper. Some couples have a set list of probing questions that they ask each other at the end of every day. I find it really beneficial to sit outside in our backyard when I want to have a good conversation with my husband in the evening. Something about the night sky, the lack of distraction and the openness of the space tends to foster our best chats.

Make eye contact

We can let a whole conversation slide by without ever looking someone in the eye these days – whether we’re loading the dishwasher, scrolling through Facebook, getting dressed or wrangling a toddler. Purposefully locking eyes while conversing instantly ups the connection and makes both people feel listened to and valued.

Laugh together

There is something wonderfully bonding about enjoying a laugh with someone – it aligns you for a moment and makes you feel like they just get it. Getting out of the house to enjoy a comedy show might not be the easiest when you’re deep in the throes of parenting, but watching a funny movie at home together (or heck, even dog videos on YouTube) should be equally satisfying.


A lack of physical connection is one of the quickest ways to grow apart from a spouse, so make sure to spend intentional time just holding (and being held by!) each other.

See a counsellor

Though I have not personally gone down the road of marriage counselling before, I have heard many people shouting the praises of a marriage ‘fine-tune’ once in a while, and it makes sense. Sometimes we need help to unpack all of our feelings before we can build our way back to a proper connection. Seeing a marriage counsellor is never a sign of failure – it’s a sign that you care about your marriage, and you want to put measures in place to protect it.


Our roles as parents are super important – but so are our roles as husband and wife! At the end of the day, our kids will grow up and leave home… but our spouses are in it for the long haul. Taking constant care of your relationship will help strengthen it and build a connection that will last for years to come.

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STEAM Craft - How to make a Lava Lamp

STEAM Craft - How to make a Lava Lamp

Lava Lamps

Watch gases come to life in liquid and mimic the amazing lava lamps we all love! This experiment is like creating your very own safe and fun chemistry lab and can be completed at home or in the classroom... with adult supervision of course!

What you will need:

Step One - Add colour to your jar

Put a few drops of coloured liquid watercolour in the bottom of your glass jar. Fill your jar a third of the way with water and then sprinkle in some glitter.

Step Two - Add the oil

Top up your jar with oil, filling it almost the whole way.

Step Three - Make the Lava! 

Get ready... Once you drop in the effervescent tablet, the fun will begin! Carefully drop the tablet into the jar – once it hits the coloured water, it will create a gas, pushing the water up through the oil and resembling a lava lamp!

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Simple Beetroot Salad!

Simple Beetroot Salad!

Before Christmas I went looking for a few different salad recipes, we normally do the standard Greek salad and rice salad at holiday events but I really wanted to try something different, I came across this beetroot salad and it was a real hit on Christmas day so thought we would share it.


1 Large tin of Beetroot, not sliced you want it in ball form so it can be diced easily.

1 Cup Walnuts roughly crushed

200 grams crushed Fetta

3 Eggs boiled and sliced in half

Your favourite herbs

1/2 Lemon juice

1 Tablespoon Good quality Olive Oil



Dice beetroot into cubes and place on a serving plate.

Sprinkle crushed fetta over the top.

Add the walnuts across the salad evenly.

Place the boiled eggs across the salad scattered.

Add the Lemon juice and olive oil to a cup and then sprinkle  over the salad, it doesn't need to drench the salad just enhance the flavour.

Top with your favourite herbs.

Serves 6 as a side or 2 s a meal.


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Christmas Rum balls!

Christmas Rum balls!

Do you have any Christmas traditions at your house? One of ours is to make these glazed Cherry Rum balls. We make them normally around the 23rd of December, then we go and look at the Christmas lights and once home we have 1 or 2 or 3 of these with a cup of tea! What a way to end a night hey?



1 Packet Arrowroot Biscuits

395 grams condensed milk

1/2 cup glazed cherries

1/4 cup Cadbury Cocoa

1 tablespoon Rum

1 Cup coconut

Coconut for rolling

1 drop green food dye

1 drop red food dye



Pop the cherries in a bowl with the rum and set aside.

Pop the arrowroot biscuits and coconut into a food processor and blitz well.

Add the cocoa and the cherries and run and blitz

add the condensed mil and combine until well mixed.

Add coconut and red dye to a zip lock bag and shake, repeat with the green dye in another bag.

Roll the mixture into approx 1 and 1/2 inch balls.

Mix the red and green coconut together and roll balls in them.

Makes approx 30 balls.

Tip: You don't have to colour the coconut this is something we just do because it is Christmas. if you want them to be more vibrant in colour add more red and green dye. You can also add more run if you like!

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Baileys & Tim Tam Ice cream Slice

Baileys & Tim Tam Ice cream Slice

Ok so this dessert is pretty naughty but since it's the silly season we think the calories can be excused ha! < I have heard if you eat it with your eyes closed that the calories don't go to your hips lol

This dessert is absolute adult indulgence, not only is it delicious but you don't have to share it with the kids due to alcohol in it < win win!



1 Litre good quality vanilla ice cream.

1 packet of Tim Tams crushed

250 mils of Baileys

1/2 Block Cadbury Chocolate melted.



Line a 30cm tray with baking paper.

Let the ice cream sit out of the freezer until just starting to melt, then pop it into a large mixing bowl.

Add the Baileys and mix with a mix master until just combined, it's important that the ice cream is soft not fully melted.

Add the Tim Tams and stir through, you want it to be quite rustic.

Add the melted chocolate and stir through, you want it to be streaky through the ice cream so you get full on flavour hits, you don't want the ice cream to turn to chocolate, you want chocolate pieces through it. make sure the chocolate is not hot when you pour it in.

Pop mixture onto the tray and press firmly so that each corner is filled and it is levelled.

add another piece of baking paper onto the top and press down, so that it doesn't get icicles on it.

Pop in the freezer and let set for approx 6 hours.

Slice and enjoy!

pour more Bailey's over it if you wish.

Serves 12

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No Bake Nutella Cheesecake!

No Bake Nutella Cheesecake!

This dessert is always well received, mainly because it is a cheesecake and has Nutella in it so what is not to love? You can top it with your favourite chocolates and berries are also good!



1 Packet Chocolate Ripple biscuits

80 Grams unsalted butter

400 Grams Nutella

500 Grams cream cheese

1/2 Cup icing sugar

Fererro Rocher's

1/4 cup hazel nuts.



Line a 23cm springform tin with baking paper. 

Blitz the chocolate ripple biscuits and add to a bowl.

Melt the butter in microwave until just melted and stir into the biscuit mixture.

Pop the biscuit mixture into the pan and press firmly so that the mixture is even across the bottom of the tin.

Pop in the fridge for 25 mins to set.

In a large bowl add the Cream cheeese and icing sugar and mix on high with a mixer.

Add the nutella and combine well.

Pop the mixture over the base and spread evenly.

Top with the hazel nuts and Ferrero's

Pop in the fridge to set for approx 4 hours

Slice and enjoy

Serves 10

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Chocolate Bounty Balls

Chocolate Bounty Balls

Do you love the Bounty Chocolate bars? Then these are for you! These balls are rich and delicious and will curb any sweet craving. Warning it is hard to stop at one!


You will need:

1 Cup Desicated coconut

3 Bounty bars

1/2 Block Cadbury chocolate

1 Tbs coconut oil

1 Cup Almond meal

Coconut for rolling < optional


Lets Put them together

Melt the chocolate and coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl on high for approx. a minute until just melted.

Add the Bounty bars almond meal and coconut to a food processor and blitz until a fine crumb.

Add the melted chocolate to the mixture and combine well.

Roll into approx. 1 1/2 inch balls.

Coat in coconut and pop in the fridge to set. You don't have to roll in coconut, we didn't for these ones.

Makes approx. 25 good size balls!


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White Chocolate, Tim Tam & Cheesecake Balls!

White Chocolate, Tim Tam & Cheesecake Balls!

 Ok let me break this down for you, white chocolate, Tim Tams and Cream Cheese all in the one recipe < naughty we know!


2 packets White cholate Tim Tams

250 grams cream cheese

1 tablespoon icing sugar

1 Cup coconut

100 gram  White chocolate



Place the white chocolate into a microwave bowl and heat until melted approx 40 seconds

Add the Tim Tams and icing sugar to a food processor and blend well.

Add the cream cheese and combine.

Add the melted chocolate and combine well.

Add the coconut and keep mixing.

Roll mixture into approx 1 1/2 inch balls and coat in coconut.

Pop in the fridge to set for a few hours then enjoy!

Makes approx 55 balls


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Calling All Paw Patrol Fans - We Have Some Great News!

Calling All Paw Patrol Fans - We Have Some Great News!

Our friends at Identity Direct have a NEW Personalised PAW Patrol Storybook that puts your child right in the adventure as they help Ryder and the pups save Christmas!

Imagine the look on your little ones face when they wake up Christmas morning to see that they are staring in their very own adventure with Paw Patrol!

They’ve also just released a new range of personalised PAW Patrol products featuring Skye and Everest. Little ones will love seeing their names on their very own products.


 For the perfect Christmas gift for any PAW Patrol fan, order now at http://bit.ly/2g17xMm + use code 34876 during checkout to get FREE standard shipping.

 Hurry, offer ends December 10, 2016. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Planning A Party Is Easy With Lah-Lah Party Packs!

Planning A Party Is Easy With Lah-Lah Party Packs!

Putting on your stripy socks and enjoying a Lah-Lah themed party is a popular thing to do.  Lah-Lah are currently doing a national tour, are on the tellie every day, and they have a dedicated following, so throwing a Lah-Lah party for your little one seems an obvious choice for so many people.  So I was thrilled when I found out about the new Lah-Lah party products. 



It is such a time-saving and stress-free way to host a party.  After ordering my products online (which was really easy to do by the way), I received my gorgeous box in the post a few days later.  The box comes with a big ribbon printed on it, so you feel like you are opening a birthday present.  I loved opening the box and seeing all of the goodies inside.  The box states you get “everything you need in one box, delivered to your door”, and it really is true because they have thought of everything.  Within the DIY cake, for example, there were disposable baking pans, ready-made vanilla icing, a premium cake mix, a spatula, a cake board, and all the goodies needed to decorate the cake.  Apart from adding eggs and water, there is nothing else you need to buy.  Oh, and the cake tasted delicious!

Another thing I really loved was the decorations were of a quality that I could use them again.  The bunting now hangs in my little one’s bedroom above their bed, which is a big hit!


So the process was as simple as 1…2…3…firstly, I browsed the products online and had them delivered to my door; secondly, I followed the simple steps to baking and decorating; and finally, I basked in the glory, and actually got to enjoy the fun & loud Lah-Lah party as much as the guests!


If you want to check out the Lah-Lah products you can use this link: Lah-Lah Party Packs. There are three ready-made packs to choose from, or you can tailor make your pack to suit your party needs.

Australian Baby Card Members also receive 10% OFF you can view the offer here: ABC offer!

Not an ABC member don't worry you can sign up here and start saving today: Yes please I want to start saving!

Party Pax has been designed to help busy parents host a fabulous party for their loved ones, whilst saving you time and money.  This is a one stop shop for kids birthday parties, christenings and baby showers.  Each pack has been tailored for the time-poor, party-planner in you.  

You will receive everything you need to host an amazing party - DIY cake, DIY cupcakes, decorations, tableware and a little inspiration - in one box, delivered straight to your door.







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Homemade Sweet Potato Chips!

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips!

These sweet potato chips are a healthier version of standard packet crisps. They are really delicious and my kids don't notice a difference. You can try different flavours by adding chicken salt or your favourite spices right after they have come out of the oven!



2 Sweet potatoes peeled

Spray Oil

Sea salt

Spices of your choice



Preheat the oven to 220 degrees

Slice the sweet potato  very thin, we used a hand held slicer to make it easier.

Place pieces in a bowl of cold water for a couple of minutes.

Remove and dry them well.

Place chips on baking paper.

Add spray oil and sea salt

Cook for approx 10 minutes until they go golden in colour.

Take out of oven and sprinkle with more salt while hot.

Place on a tray lined with paper towel until they cool and firm up.



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