Not just another activity but creating memories every week.



I was out shopping at Cherrybrook shops and came across The Little Gym set up in the middle of the centre - initially I thought we would just fill in a few minutes and have a play. I was interested to hear about the new centre and was offered a free trial class. I must admit with 3 children I have been to many a children's class and I was not imagining I would be interested in this for more than the trial but I was in for a surprise. The little gym was bright and colourful, with enthusiastic teachers focused on my son in small groups.

My son, Jonathan, can be difficult to engage, with many people often stumped at how to entertain him. He becomes my own little Koala, often stuck to my leg. I often find this difficult as many places we have been for lessons try and pull my son off me to join in the class and then the tears begin but this is not so at The Little Gym.

Teacher Jess and Teacher Wes are very accommodating and allowed me to join in the fun for a few weeks until Jonathan was completely settled in. I became a crawling bug or a slithering snake along with all the children. Maybe I’ll need to sign up for the classes now!

Now that I’ve graduated from being a slithering snake, I can sit outside the gym and look through at my son’s elation. At the end of each class Teacher Jess explains to us what they’ve done, with Jonathan eager to tell me all about it too. I am amazed by the range of activities provided, with the dedication of the staff creating a truly special time each week with my child. He can’t get enough of it. It has become the highlight of our week, looking forward to the classes. 

For every stage of your child’s development – from 4 months to 12 years – The Little Gym offers a diverse line up of classes, camps and parties filled with movement, music, learning and laughter. Your little ones will make friends, reach developmental milestones and build self- confidence while having Serious Fun.

ABC members receive a free Introductory Class along with One free Camp/Parent’s Survival Night and One Piggy bank, Bottle or Fan pro-shop item *subject to availability - with every 20 week block of tuition paid for.

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