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Sand free beach towels


Wet. Heavy. Sandy. Those three words define the regular beach towel.  Tesalate are the experts in textile innovation. The Absorblite™ fabric tech is engineered to revolutionize the beach towel as you know it.

I was fotunate enough to review a Tesalate towel and I loved it so much that I also bought another one. They are not that cheap but definately worth it. Sand free towels are a must for the beach. 

My only problem was choosing the design as I loved them all. 

Sand free - just shake off the sand - it is so easy. 

One of the towels I chose was the Bora Bora - a towel for 2 - the size of a picnic rug. The size is perfect. 



The other design I chose was  The Alchemist. 



I love the size it folds down to as well - I can't believe how small a picnic sized towel folds to. 


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Turtle Discovery Catseye Beach


We recently went to Hamilton Island and we were fortunate to see and see a whole variety of marine life - including turtles, on a Turtle Discovery tour. 

My two eldest sons and myself put on our snorkles and went out with guides standing on paddle boards. The guides on paddleboards were spotting for turles and when they found them they signalled to us and we all hurried over.

The excitement we all felt when we spotted our first turle was amazing as we hurried across to the next turtle that had been cited. 

We saw 6 large turtles which made for a fantastic tour. 

We saw some coral formations and tropical fish and colourful coral structures which I was not expecting to see off Hamilton Island's Catseye Beach. I enjoyed this so much we didn't go out to the outer reef as we just enjoyed the snokelling at Catseye Beach. 

More information at https://www.hamiltonisland.com.au/scuba-diving-and-snorkeling/turtle-discovery



The information above should be used as a guide only. Activity/tour details, prices and timings are subject to change at any time.
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