Fridge To Go

The 8 hour portable cooler! 

Great for baby bottles, lunches, kids snacks, all food and drinks!  So much more than just a cooler bag, Fridge-To-Go’s® high performing patented chilling technology keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours. Completely portable, it requires no messy ice, batteries or external power source. It’s durable, collapsible, easily stored, re-usable and environmentally friendly.  Plus it comes in a variety of sizes.

Each Fridge-to-go ® will keep its contents cold for a full day away from home. When you place room temperature food & drink inside a fully recharged Fridge-to-go®, it will take close to 1 hour to chill it, working just like your home refrigerator would, sometimes outperforming it!

Fridge-to-go bags are BPA-free, PVC safe and lead-safe.

A FREE bag tag with EVERY Fridge-to-go Lunch Bag (Small or Medium) purchased online. They need to use the code 'ABCFreeTag' to qualify.
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