Bub’s Delight was passionately founded by two French chefs Julien Audibert and Stephane Giono who recognised a need for fresh, organic food for babies in a market unfortunately flooded with ‘quick fix’ meals containing chemicals and nasties.

They have created a range of 100% organic products starting from 4 months.

All ingredients are locally sourced and their meals contain zero additives, preservatives and chemicals.

All products are frozen, approved by nutritionists and are perfect to keep as a back up, or serve every day! Bub’s Delight can be found in boutique retailers in Sydney including “About Life" and can be ordered online and delivered to your door (Sydney only).

Offer : 25% discount. Enter ABC and the last four digits of your barcode when ordering to receive the discount.

WE COME TO YOU - Specialists in 2 hour child and baby first aid courses. 7 days a week. Group discounts for playgroup members and 1hr sessions available on request.

First Aid For You have been delivering courses that are designed to make you think, laugh and learn along the way.

Our mission is to give real people, real skills that will make a real difference. We do this by:

  • Coming to you at home, work, sports club or even the kids play centre
  • Having small groups to make learning first aid easier
  • Personalising course content to suit your work place, lifestyle and industry
  • Running courses at a time that suits you whether that’s after work, on weekends, during or after school


Offer : Offer 1: $220 ( ie GST) flat rate 1 hour only First Aid For Families presentation for Playgroup associations (to be conducted at the playgroup venue with parents and kids). Topics would include CPR/near drowning, Choking, Allergy Management and topic of choice. Includes take home material for all attending. Offer 2: Private course discounts for any members booking a private 2 hour First Aid For Families course for family and friends ( min 6 people) for $55 per person ( rrp $65) Offer 3: First Aid Kit available for $80 ( rrp $95) when purchased at any Playgroup association course

Many basic safety products can help to reduce the risk of injury and even death in the home. Some of these products (such as safety gates and cabinet locks and latches) are obviously designed to keep small children safe, while other products (such as a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and having a house number that is easily visible from the street) can help to keep the whole family safe. 

Unfortunately many people don't think much about safety until after an incident has occurred and by then it is often too late. It is essential that we are all pro-active as regards safety, as this can have a significant impact on the well-being of our families.


Offer : Discount 10% off all products.

First  Aid Demonstrations is taught by qualified Emergency Paediatric Nurse.

Practice CPR on Infant and child manikins to real life scenarios will help deal you with the most common injuries and illness that your child may encounter.

Learn how to prevent injuries in the home and initiate first aid to your child while waiting for an ambulance. 

The 2 hr course is conducted in your home. childcare centre, community hall or Library at a time that suits you. Babies and Children are welcome so childcare is not an issue.