Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly flight aviary in Australia, and prides itself on providing a quality wildlife experience in the heart of Kuranda.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary's 3666 cubic metre aviary is home to over 1500 magnificent tropical butterflies that are hand reared on the premises. All are local rainforest species, including the electric blue Ulysses and the majestic fluoro green Cairns Birdwing. Both these and the smaller but equally colourful species, provide visitors with the unique experience of being surrounded by these habitually elusive wonders of nature.

The aviary was opened in 1987 and has been visited by over a million people since.

The butterfly's beguiling aerial dances and their tendency to land on brightly coloured clothing, has inspired and delighted young and old alike.

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07 4035 3555