Kids Aquatic Survival School

Kids Aquatic Survival School, provides one on one private tuition to children 6 months to 6 years.

No floatation devices used at all. Parents are not in the water while the child is learning so the child will not become reliant upon them. From 6 months your baby will learn breath control and how to roll over and maintain a floating posture until help arrives.
From 12 months your child will be taught breath control and how to look for safety with eyes open underwater. Then they learn how to grab and reach up for the side of the pool. After that they are moved further away and taught how to swim (dog paddle) to the side. Next they are taught how to roll back and float so they can breathe when needed. Then they flip back and continue swimming to safety.
All children are very IMPORTANTLY taught how to stay floating unaided if they cannot reach safety. They stay breathing until help arrives. These skills are taught in 6-8 weeks.
All the above is performed in full winter clothing, nappy and shoes.
Lilli Pilli    PH  02 9531 2108
Coogee    PH  02 9531 2108
Kiama      PH  02 4237 6051
Bulli         PH  0424 602 236

Receive first 2 lessons free valued at $56 when booking a course!
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