The Bronzing Studio

We specialise Bronzing Baby shoes, Christening Booties, Mittens, Dummies, Hospital ID Bands, Umbilical Clips, Umbilical Clips with some of the Umbilical Cord attached, Baby Bottles, Teddy Bears, your baby s first Toys, Wedding Cake decorations, Flowers from your Wedding Bouquet.  Any personalized item or object of yours or a loved one can be coated in Copper, Nickel (Silver look) or 24 k gold. You name it we Bronze it. The 9 things that make The Bronzing Studio services unique: 1. Capturing memories of special moments in life. 2. Creating unique gift ideas. 3. Offering  One off  special corporate or sports awards and capturing personalized impressions of your company. 4. Australian owned company. 5. Business opportunity. 6. Our finishes are maintenance free. 7. We offer a service for sculptors and artists 8. Professional staff. 9. Reliable service and consultancy You may want to start your own business and become a Bronzing Studio Dealer and start earning an income straight away.

20% discount on baby shoes, dummies and birth bracelets. Show ABC card to receive this offer or bring us 4 pairs and get the 5th pair free. (Not valid with other promotions or sales).