Created By Hands Acrylic Designs was founded by Susana and Tim Hands. The concept behind it was to create beautiful long lasting art work from people’s memories through the medium of photography.

Essentially Created By Hands can take any photographs from a smart phone, tablet or camera and transform it into astunning and permanent piece of art. Using acrylic, each art work is made into a 3D shape.

Today Created By Hands Acrylic Designs make a range of customised products. 

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CleverPatch is fast becoming Australia’s most creative online craft store. CleverPatch is all about the doing! With over 4,000 products and 1,200 free ideas we have everything to create colour, make and play…

We know craft. We’re 100% Australian owned with a combined 75 years in the craft industry. We also care about the experience being great. We have a serious commitment to having the items you order in stock. We’re easy to talk to and easy to understand. We’re not about pipe cleaners and beads. We're about the growth that comes from exploration and freedom of creative expression.

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One day, whilst little Charlotte was playing with her toys, she noticed something new out of the corner of her eye.

Something mystical...something amazing...

Beside the door to her room, was another door, a new door...a tiny door. The tiny door was for the Fairies &

Elves to pass through into our world.

Bring some magic into your house, install a fairy door today!

The Fairy Door Store doors are handmade wooden doors that attach easily to your architrave or shelf.

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Art Eater is the brilliant new way to capture and celebrate the natural creativity of your kids. You send us your children’s artwork before it fades away or gets damaged. We publish it as an individual, hand-bound, professionally printed art book. So now, instead of losing those precious childhood memories, you can preserve and showcase your kids’ work for a lifetime. 

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