Kooshy Kids specializes in comfortable and convenient gear for busy parents and travelling families. With their popular On-the-Go Parent Backpack, a stylish and practical nappy bag the backpack design ensuring hands are free for adventures with your kids, and their signature travel product the Kooshy Kids Kooshion, an inflatable travel cushion creating a flat flexible space for little ones to put their legs up and sleep onboard planes, Kooshy Kids is passionate about helping parents travel or simply just get out and about with kids!
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Hippybottomus began with an Aussie Mum who wanted to encourage more parents to discover the ease, economy and above all the environmental benefits of modern cloth nappies over disposables.

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Aussie Wipes has partnered with: SIDS and Kids to develop a range of high quality baby wipes.

Mums love Red Nose Baby Wipes, they are not too wet and not too dry, soft and gentle on baby's skin and strong enough to get the job done!

And of course Red Nose Baby Wipes are dermatologically tested and approved plus pH balanced and hypoallergenic.

And every pack purchased supports vital research into stillbirth,
SIDS and Safe Sleeping practices as well as essential bereavement programs to support couples and families coping with loss. To find out more information on SIDS and the important work of SIDS and Kids please visit their website 

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Destination Green is a modern cloth nappy, nappy accessories and sustainable children's product online shop. Our main aim is to get more people using cloth nappies and sustainable products so the products we have sourced and designed are good quality yet cheap. We also want to help parents reduce their child's carbon footprint. We have some very cute 'designer cloth nappies' and other great products in store.



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Fluffy Tails is an online store stocking a variety of gorgeous items for your baby from modern cloth nappies and accessories, swim nappies to toys and detergents.


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Slumber Dry™ is a unique, super absorbent overlay, placed over the bottom sheet for your child to sleep on.

If your child has an accident during the night, the highly absorbent overlay draws liquid away from the top layer to a waterproof layer where it is trapped, leaving the sheets and mattress dry. Slumber Dry™ is machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Recommended by health professionals.

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