Australian Baby Card = Fantastic savings!

Australian Baby Card is Australia's number one baby and children's discount card for parents and parents to be of young children. With over 1 million card holders since our humble beginnings, it's easy to see why parents love Australian Baby Card, and why wouldn't they with parents saving an average of $1000 a year - amazing!

Our site is easy to follow, and to assist we have listed discounts and offers for many products and services specifically for parents of children from birth through to 10 years of age.

Australian Baby Card have teamed with many fantastic companies in Australia to give you great discounts and special offers. This list is continually growing and companies will be added frequently - so keep checking back on the website regularly for new savings.

With the Australian Baby Card you can:

  • Get great kids discounts on products and services
  • Discover where to shop online - giving you more time!
  • Get great ideas on bringing up your baby, or how to run a successful party, or prepare for motherhood.
  • Plan your weekly family, playgroup or Mother's group outings.
  • ....the list is endless.

Look for the Australian Baby Card Sticker in store windows as this will let you know if they accept the Australian Baby Card if you forget.

With an investment as little as $30 and with parents making that back with an average of 2 purchases, why wouldn't you join? Why not see what sort of discounts you can receive today!

Don't be without an Australian Baby Card - the discount card you will want to use!

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Australian Baby Card was founded 12 years ago by Entrepreneur Jenni Prince, a mother of 3 children who loves a bargain.

Jenni Prince

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PO Box 265, Beecroft, NSW 2119